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Solar PV and Battery Storage on Farms

Many farmers and landowners have installed solar photovoltaic systems on their barns, fields and buildings. Recent reductions in Government Feed in Tariffs have challenged the economic viability of solar projects in the future. So farmers with existing solar panel systems – or those contemplating a new installation – need to know whether on-farm battery storage… Read more »

Dismayed by the referendum result

Greenwatt Technology is committed to European solidarity and business cooperation. We have been honoured to contribute to many EU projects in the sustainability sector as well as helping to secure EU funding for UK organizations. We work, and have worked over the last 20 years, with a number of European partners bringing benefits locally, regionally,… Read more »

Solar panel cleaning – maximising your investment

Cleaning solar panels improves PV outputs. Many farmers and landowners have installed solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on their barns, fields and houses. Recent reductions in Government incentives have meant a change of focus towards maximising the investment of a solar PV system through good maintenance and servicing, panel washing to improve solar efficiency, and on-farm… Read more »

2020 Low Carbon Business and Communities Workshop – 25th November, Coventry

Accelerating clean energy technology and resource efficient future contributing to the UN Climate Change Summit, Paris December 2015 Strong climate change adaptation and mitigation commitments to 2020 are required. Investing in renewables energy, resource efficiency and investing in clean energy technologies including transport will create new business opportunities and jobs. This event will showcase achievements… Read more »

Warwickshire businesses enjoy eco-driving in electric vehicles

Rural business learn how to optimise their electric vehicles when they joined the eco- driving day as part of the Warwickshire Rural Electric Vehicle scheme (WREV). A short driving competition ended the day as the drivers put the advice and tips into practice – thanks to Nissan for the prized bottle champagne won by Darren… Read more »

Electric vans now have grant funding for Warwickshire businesses

Warwickshire Rural Electric Vehicle project (WREV) is providing £2000 grant funding as an incentive for companies to trial an electric van (EV) for 2 years. Electric vehicles are proving an ideal solution for those rural businesses with low daily mileage journey routines and an excellent opportunity to save transport fuel costs whilst driving with no… Read more »

Eco driving prize winner

Warwickshire businesses driving electric vehicles enjoyed a competitive day at the eco-driving training day organised by Greenwatt Technology as part of the Warwickshire rural electric vehicle project (WREV). Today’s electric vehicles are very sophisticated, beautiful to drive and have a host of data on performance, energy used and percentage battery used. The ecodriving day offered… Read more »

Warwickshire businesses encouraged to drive electric vehicles

Rural businesses in Warwickshire have plugged-in to a new project designed to test the efficiency and performance of electric cars in rural areas. Ten businesses from a variety of sectors including farming, vehicle maintenance, residential care, local deliveries and business services have taken delivery of new electric vehicles as part of the Warwickshire Rural Electric… Read more »

Electric Vehicles go from company status symbol to company workhorse

Electric vehicles (EVs) have received a lot of press-coverage of late, none more so than Tesla, who’s Model S has drawn favourable comparisons with its diesel and petrol powered competitors. Yet at a starting price of £50,000 for the basic model, and no resale market, critics might question how wide its appeal may be. Meanwhile… Read more »

Electric car appeal to companies in Warwickshire

Greenwatt have recently been featured by the BBC regarding how we are encouraging rural businesses to start using electric vehicles: Rural businesses in Warwickshire are being encouraged to start using electric cars. Firms that sign up, receive a £2,000 grant from the county council towards the cost of leasing the vehicle and access to a… Read more »

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