Electric public transport bus trial

Britain’s first viable full size, battery-powered bus went head-to-head with a conventional diesel model on the commercial Park and Ride route around Stratford upon Avon.

The trial compared an electric and diesel bus, both identical in design and appearance, on their respective emissions, fuel consumption and running costs. Reactions of passengers, pedestrians, motorists and other road users were documented, as were the views of local businesses.


Greenwatt Technology worked in partnership with key regional players – Johnsons Coach & Bus Travel, Optare (UK bus manufacturer based in Leeds) supplied the prototype electric bus and provided driver and operator training. The trial was monitored jointly by Aston and Coventry Universities. Aston focused upon the technical aspects of the Solo electric bus – gathering data on fuel consumption, range, emissions and operation. A full comparison was made with the standard diesel version on the same duty cycle of the Park and Ride. Coventry University examined the socio-economic impacts including customer perception, carrying out passenger interviews and assessing public and business reaction.

Improving the air quality

Improving the air quality of the town is a major incentive – to residents, town shops and businesses and tourists. Stratford District Council and Stratford Town Trust both supported the project and the trial was approved by Warwickshire County Council, the owners of the Park and Ride currently contracted to Johnsons Coaches.

To request a summary of trial results, please contact Mike Woollacott, Managing Director of Greenwatt Technology.

Greenwatt Technology worked in partnership with key regional players
Susan Juned and Mike Woollacott at the launch of the electric bus trial

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