Health Centres trial Electric Vehicles

Greenwatt conducted a two-year pilot study identified the potential for electric vehicles (EVs) and charging infrastructure for rural health centres and medical practices in Warwickshire, with EVs being used for GP visits, prescription deliveries and patient transport services.

Health centres are at the hub of rural and market town communities, using short vehicle journeys for home visits, prescription deliveries and patient transport services. They provide a focal point for information and are trusted organisations in the community. They are also businesses and therefore have to make decisions based upon sound economic as well as social and environmental factors. Clearly for the regular short journey cycle common in rural health centres and medical practices, EVs make a good alternative option – on economic, environmental and health benefits with zero emissions and driver satisfaction grounds.

Health Centres who trialled an electric vehicle all liked the vehicles and extended their lease their arrangements.

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‘We operate as a business and as our surgery is introducing a new prescription delivery service to the local community the electric vehicle will help us to manage our costs whilst maintaining the quality of services we provide.’  Dr Kay Bridgeman from Brookside Surgery.

One of the EVs in the pilot scheme
EV vehicles in the scheme explained


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