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Our Team

We build strong project teams with the best experience to provide technical advice, information and solutions to meet the specific requirements. We believe in collaboration and like to work with customers and partners to find the best solutions.

Mike Woollacott

Managing Director

Mike is committed to the mainstreaming of renewable energy and low carbon technologies. Mike uses his technical and project expertise to develop commercial  and funded initiatives which raise awareness, gain commitment, build supply chains and bring sustainable products and systems to market.

Mike is named as a West Midlands Green Leader by Sustainability West Midlands 2011 and was recently awarded the Galileo Master Certificate in Low Carbon Management and Finance from the European Energy Centre.

Dr Susan Juned

Senior Consultant

Sustainability and waste resource management specialist. Susan has an extensive experience and knowledge of government and local government waste strategy and policy.

Susan is a member of the West Midlands Regional Technical Advisory Body (RTAB), which inputs to the regional waste strategy. Founder, in 2006, of the BREW Centre for Local Authorities (now a part of WRAP) which supported and funded councils wishing to address business waste and resource efficiency. She was a member of the DEFRA Zero Waste Places Initiative assessment advisory group. Co-founder, director and current chair of Act on Energy (formerly the Warwickshire Energy Efficiency Advice Centre).

Susan was named as a West Midlands Green Leader in 2010 by Sustainability West Midlands.

Bernard Perkins

Renewable energy
business analyst

Bernard has considerable experience as a project manager, consultant and business analyst and focuses upon sustainability, renewable energy and information technology projects. He has local and regional experience of climate change and low carbon project development and was part of a team that worked on both the Birmingham and Coventry City Council Renewable Energy Assessments. His experience extends into low carbon building renovation, energy management and small scale hydro power. He led the wood fuel resource assessment work for Warwickshire Biomass Steering Group. Bernard is a chartered engineer and an associate of IEMA.

Ruth Woollacott

Project Manager

Ruth is an experienced project manager with a clear understanding of sustainability and climate change issues. She has led several rural development projects in Lincolnshire and Bedfordshire, and established the Centre for Alternative Farm Enterprises (CAFÉ) at Shuttleworth College. She has managed two rural business incubation centres and coordinated numerous training activities and events in Coventry and Warwickshire. She is passionate about low carbon and renewable energy issues and co-ordinates the Greenwatt in-house projects.

About Us

Our company and consultant team has considerable experience and credibility in the field of sustainability, low carbon initiatives and renewable energy as well as a strong track record in feasibility studies, strategic resource planning, enterprise regeneration, project management and dissemination.



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