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Sustainable Transport

A comprehensive service allowing businesses, organisations, councils and communities to make a smooth transition to more sustainable transport systems.

Our objective is to identify the opportunities for ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs) such as electric cars and vans and demonstrate the financial and environmental savings over traditional petrol or diesel vehicles.

Electric vehicle

Thinking of electric vehicles? We provide independent and personalised reviews to assess the financial, technical and infrastructure costs of having electric vehicle(s) and charge point infrastructure compared to an existing petrol or diesel vehicles, alongside set-up assistance and extended support services.


Renewable transport fuels – ‘Refuelling the countryside’

With an increasing demand for renewable fuels, UK farming is set to extend its primary role of feeding the nation to also fuelling the nation. Our studies highlight the potential for farmers and landowners to make a significant contribution to the UK renewable energy supply whether in the form of electricity, heat or transport fuel.


Warwickshire Rural Electric Vehicle project (WREV)

WREV provided grant funding to Warwickshire rural businesses to incentivise the inclusion of an electric vehicle in their vehicle fleet to counter rising fossil fuel costs, to improve the carbon footprint of the business, and to stimulate rural business development.


R&D and customer engagement trials

Working with manufacturers, researchers, product development teams, we engage users to assess opportunities to increase uptake of ultra-low emission vehicles. This includes electric public transport trials and pilot studies for Electric Vehicles at doctors surgeries and medical centres.

Electric Vehicles are easy to charge up - just plug in!

Easy to charge up – just plug in!

Warwickshire businesses receiving their new electric cars

Warwickshire businesses receiving their new electric cars

New EVs being delivered to WREV businesses

New EVs being delivered to WREV businesses

'Rapid' 50kW charger

‘Rapid’ 50kW charger

About Us

Our company and consultant team has considerable experience and credibility in the field of sustainability, low carbon initiatives and renewable energy as well as a strong track record in feasibility studies, strategic resource planning, enterprise regeneration, project management and dissemination.



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