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Electric vehicle reviews

Electric vehicle reviews

Electric vehicles can be a realistic and cost effective option for many businesses and organisations.

Greenwatt provide an independent review which will to assess the practicality of converting to electric vehicles and confirm if cost savings could be made compared to existing diesel/petrol vehicles. The review will identify the financial, technical and infrastructure cost requirements and can assist in the identification of the suitable vehicles.

Additional support services

  • Sourcing appropriate electric vehicles
  • Arranging charging point installations
  • Grant and incentive applications
  • Fleet analysis
  • Eco-driving
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Performance monitoring
  • User feedback

Why go electric?

  • Reduced fuel costs (electricity 2p/mile; diesel 14p/mile)
  • Zero road tax
  • Zero exhaust pipe emissions
  • Quiet, smooth drive and excellent performance
  • No visits to petrol stations
  • Easy to charge up – just plug in
  • Environmental credentials for the business
  • Supply chain demands for sustainability met
  • Tax incentives –  Zero ‘Benefit in Kind’ for employees
  • Access to national recharging network
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Warwickshire Rural Electric Vehicle project (WREV)

WREV provides grant funding to Warwickshire rural businesses to incentivise them to include an electric vehicle in their business to counter varying fossil fuel costs, to improve the carbon footprint of the business, and to stimulate rural business development.

See Case Study

WREV Group

National Charge Point Map

Zap-Map.com is a free resource for electric vehicles. The site offers lots of content about charging points and EVs, as well as the UK-wide charging point map Zap-Map Live.

Visit the site

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