Specialist food retailer takes Electric Vehicle

Taste of the Country is an independent specialist food retailer based in Shipston on Stour stocking local produce. The company were relocating their kitchen from town to an industrial unit a short distance away, and were looking for a vehicle to transport produce between the kitchen and shop during the day. They recognised the potential financial savings, environmental benefits and marketing potential of an EV to the operation.

The WREV feasibility study identified that running an electric car instead of a second-hand diesel van would save a minimal amount per month, but combined with the advertising opportunity and CO2 savings they decided to join the project. Taste of the Country selected a Nissan Leaf and had a 32A vehicle charge point installed at their industrial unit which enables a full charge in 4 hours.

‘With the expansion of our business we needed a vehicle to economically transport produce between our kitchens and our shop and bistro. We instinctively were looking at a diesel van, but an electric vehicle is a much better fit with our company’s ethos. ’  Jim Cherry – Director, Taste of the Country

Taste of the Country - Shipston on Stour, delivers with an electric vehicle
Taste of the Country

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