School saves energy year on year

A detailed energy audit and action plan were prepared for a Warwickshire secondary school. The heating and lighting systems, building fabric and energy control systems were assessed and a number of energy reduction measures identified. These measures would provide an annual cost saving of around £46,000. In addition, they would reduce the School’s annual energy use by 19% and provide a project payback of 4.3 years. The measures would also deliver an emissions reduction of 285 tonnes ofCO2e per annum.

Several of the energy saving measures were suitable for a loan to the school under the Salix Energy Efficiency Loan Funding Scheme (SEELS) available to schools and academies. These included improvements to building insulation, lighting and heating controls. Greenwatt has previously arranged a 6kW solar PV system installation on the School’s science block.

41 AGS school wall
40 AGS school wall heat loss

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