Warwickshire businesses enjoy eco-driving in electric vehicles

Rural business learn how to optimise their electric vehicles when they joined the eco- driving day as part of the Warwickshire Rural Electric Vehicle scheme (WREV). A short driving competition ended the day as the drivers put the advice and tips into practice – thanks to Nissan for the prized bottle champagne won by Darren Mullet, Alscot Estate.

Since the start of the WREV scheme in 2014 10 companies have now driven over 100 000 miles in their electric vehicles, making significant saving on their monthly ‘fuel’ costs whilst benefiting the local environment with no exhaust emissions and adding value to their company’s ‘green credentials’.
Now 6 more companies have joined the WREV project. One of these is the innovative events and team building company EventCow who use their electric van to promote their services ‘We are thrilled with our electric van which moves our equipment and props throughout the region to each training event’ says Carole Longden, Managing Director.

The project is part of the Warwickshire Rural Growth Network funded by Defra and led by Warwickshire County Council, on behalf of the Coventry and Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP). ‘Having carried out a feasibility study for each business to establish the electric vehicle would be suitable for the company’s driving patterns. Electric vehicles are not suitable for every situation but are ideal for rural businesses with local transport routes. The businesses have been impressed with the driving style of the electric cars and vans, the practicality of not needing to visit petrol stations, no exhaust fumes and emissions and of course the ‘fuel savings’ which can be reinvested in the businesses.’ said Mike Woollacott project director of Greenwatt Technology.

Plugged in and ready for the off.

Warwickshire rural electric vehicle (WREV) eco driving day – Greenwatt

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