Feasibility studies

Greenwatt Technology has carried out a wide range of feasibility studies for local authorities and businesses covering low carbon action planning, renewable energy viability, economic development assessment and low carbon transport. Below are some example case studies, but please contact us for further details or additional case studies.

Electric Vehicles for businesses
Audits and reviews prepared for councils, airports, business fleets, housing associations and rural SMEs leading to project implementation for electric vehicles (cars and vans). Projects include review and installation of EV recharging infrastructure, performance reporting and eco-driving. Various clients.

Renewable Energy Audits and Feasibility Studies
Greenwatt provides a project development, feasibility, procurement and pre-installation service for public and private sector clients (schools, farms, hospitals, and industrial buildings, domestic) installing solar PV, solar thermal, heat source pumps, biomass, anaerobic digestion and small scale wind systems.

Small-scale bio digestion for urban food waste
We led an innovative study examining the business and technical case for collection and treatment of food waste derived from hospitality and domestic sources in Stratford upon Avon through an anaerobic digestion (AD) process. Community Energy Warwickshire.

Wind generation market study
Greenwatt carried out market assessment for a West Midlands aerospace engineering company, planning to bring their innovative wind generation technology to market. Private client.

Low Carbon transport and rural mobility
This 2-year trial project tested the performance, economic viability and user acceptability of electric cars and charging infrastructure in rural transport situations engaging a group of Warwickshire GP and Health Centres to pilot the vehicles. Warwickshire County Council.

Further details about our low carbon action planning services.

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Our company and consultant team has considerable experience and credibility in the field of sustainability, low carbon initiatives and renewable energy as well as a strong track record in feasibility studies, strategic resource planning, enterprise regeneration, project management and dissemination.



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