Solar PV and Battery Storage on Farms

Many farmers and landowners have installed solar photovoltaic systems on their barns, fields and buildings. Recent reductions in Government Feed in Tariffs have challenged the economic viability of solar projects in the future. So farmers with existing solar panel systems – or those contemplating a new installation – need to know whether on-farm battery storage provides a viable investment.

Warwickshire Rural Hub – 15th February 2018 – 6.00pm – 8.00pm
Pleasance Farm, Chase Lane, Kenilworth CV8 1PR by kind permission of Henry Lucas

Mike Woollacott (Greenwatt Technology) and Colin Strong (CMS Consultants) will be joined by St John Bickley from PV Kits Direct to bring Warwickshire farmers up to date with the emerging battery storage technologies and systems that are now available to suit new or retro-fit solar PV systems. A recently installed solar PV and battery storage project on a farm near Solihull will provide a case study. Farmers attending will also hear an update on farm renewable energy opportunities.

This event is free of charge to members  of Warwickshire Rural Hub so booking is essential as spaces are limited.

Contact: Jane Hampson

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